LOGOs in the Post-Pandemic World – Part 01

LOGOs in the Post-Pandemic World – Part 01

Crowded public spots.

Human interaction.

Working from the office.


Gives us anxiety even just thinking about it.

Who thought that humans (social animals) would dread socializing?

But here we are

Let’s be honest, working from the comfort of our homes, shopping without having to leave our homes, getting groceries delivered to our homes…. and little or no exhaustion, wow. Things have really changed.

Our mindsets have changed… for good. It is safe to say that we have embraced new personalities and welcomed new thought processes. How we interact with the world, especially businesses and brands, is also changing.

With that being said, it may be justified to say that even the way we look at LOGOs has changed in the post-pandemic world.


We are all craving individualism… spirituality… a form of escapism.

Companies are now addressing the change in the mindsets of their consumers and coming up with logos aligned with the new perspectives and views.

From sci-fi references to spirituality…. Things in the world of logo design in 2022 are changing, which will definitely be carried forward in 2023.

So, what do we need to look at for logos in the modern age, post-pandemic world?

  1. Liquid Mercury Fonts

Melty, shiny, oozy, and so 2000s.

Anyone from the Y2K will look at the font and immediately recognize this trend. Even though it feels contemporary… it gives a funky look with a bit of sophistication, thanks to its metallic shine.

  1. Doodles

Who doesn’t love doodles? There’s just something so attractive about them.

It immediately captures the attention and can even make an impact.


Escapism and doodling? We don’t see how they are connected.


Escapism is about spotting the positives in the surroundings, not always about futurism.

Doodling is an intelligent way to bring casual humor, creating a playful vibe.

Because why not?

  1. Go Retro

Besides the liquid mercury, companies have decided to go retro with the logos—retro red liners.

Using retro red lines to impart a personality to a brand with red symbolizing intense emotions and luck.

How does it connect with escapism? It brings back childhood memories for many.

These are the top three logo design trends of 2022 which will most likely make their way into the logo design trends of 2023.

To find out more, stay tuned as we reveal another set of trending logo designs!

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