Raise Your Digital Marketing Game: Top Technologies in 2022

Hungry? Let’s just order it online. Planning a vacation?
Let’s book tickets through an online platform.
Car broke down? Let’s book a ride through the app.
Lost in the middle of nowhere?
Let’s use GPS. Choosing a spa?
Let’s read reviews on social media groups.

Every aspect of our lives is online.

We humans rely heavily on everything that is online… we are deep into the digital realm, and honestly, there is no going back.

As a business owner, this is something you really need to consider. Just having a static website and an app won’t help you get the deal. You need to act smartly and evolve with time.

Talking about evolving brings us to an important step, integrating technology within a company’s digital marketing strategy. As the world steps into an era of advancement, it is critical that we talk about how businesses can leverage digitalization by merging the latest tech trends with their marketing efforts.

So, what do we mean when we say digital marketing technology?

Conversations… with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The fact that we can have a one-on-one conversation with a brand representative before we choose their product or service can really push us to take action, which is why you need to offer your consumers exactly that.

Assist them with their queries, respond to their questions, and help them make the best choice—all around the clock.

You need to make way for conversational AI on your websites so that your consumers can make their decisions quickly. This is one of the smartest ways to shorten the lead to the customer journey.

Make Searching Convenient

The modern era is all about making everything convenient for consumers. People today are so occupied with getting things done that they need an easy way to do everything in life.

A wise approach to taking this into consideration is to enable voice search for your website. The number of voice searches now makes up almost 20% of the total searches. With the rise in smartphone users, this number is subject to increase.

It is most likely that in a few months, most of your consumers will be embracing voice search to add convenience to their lives.

Channel the Power of Predictive Analytics

If we’re being honest, we love nothing more than landing exactly where we want in the first go, and so do your consumers. They love it when they don’t have to do much thinking and get to where they want to without making much effort.

After all, the consumer did make an effort to find your website, right? So, take on the wheel and drive your consumers to their destinations by integrating predictive analytics into the system. Data is king; there is no denying there.

It is high time you go about predictive data that is smart, scalable, and flexible. It allows fast analysis and makes things easy for you and your consumer.

While these are some very crucial technologies that you need to focus on, there are other emerging ones that can really help change the game.

What’s Everyone Been Talking About?

So, everyone’s been talking about Metaverse. Being a marketer ourselves, should we be discussing it too?

Most definitely.

Many media agencies are quoting Metaverse as the future of digital marketing. But before we see how, we need to understand exactly what we are talking about when we say Metaverse in digital marketing.

With Metaverse, you can create a virtual platform accessible to everyone. This opens an entirely new dimension of how you can market your products or service. Even though it is a new domain for most marketers, you must definitely add it to your list of marketing goals in 2023.

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