LOGOs in the Post-Pandemic World

Part 02

How are we surviving in the post-pandemic world?

Have we embraced the ‘new normal?’

Are we moving towards a shift in the mindsets of the consumers?

Well, life is hard in this new world. And as we talked about how social interactions and crowded gatherings freak us out, it is safe to say the world is indeed witnessing a shift in the mindsets of the people.

With this changing mindset, even how people react to logos is changing, and as business owners, we must revamp and design logos accordingly.

Before we jump right into it, let’s first take a trip back to the previous post and list down the three logo design trends that we discussed;

  1. Liquid Mercury Fonts
  2. Doodles
  3. Go Retro

On today’s agenda are a few more logo designs that are creating waves in the world.

4. Traditional Meets a Twist

There are businesses with logos that have previously had a significant impact and have now become their identity. In a situation like this, it is not smart to change the entire design but rather add a twist.

In the post-pandemic world, many businesses are adding a twist to traditional designs.

They aim to innovate on existing designs and incorporate our experiences in the past (during the pandemic). It is basically a translation of tradition and culture into impressive contemporary designs.

 5. Geometrical… but Distorted

Another logo design trend that is changing the game is distorted geometry. Geometric logos are rigid, created with strict calculations. They are the kind of logos that defy the naturally existing biomorphic silhouettes.

But as we move deeper into the post-pandemic world, we see logos that are geometric but… a bit distorted. Designers are now stepping away from regular mathematical calculations and rules.

Predictable geometry is not a preferred way to go… a little distortion… a little rebellion is what we’re going to see more of in this modern era.

  1. Logos that Play with the Minds

In the post-pandemic world, designers are making a bold move. They are creating logos that play mind games with the consumers.

Utilizing distorted geometric shapes and leveraging the white space, designers are aiming to create logos that makes the viewers focus on the abstract first and the letters hidden within it later. It is a smart way to capture the attention of the viewers in the short attention span of users that is observed in the post-pandemic world.

  1. Art Deco with a Touch of Modernization

You know what’s back in trend? Art deco first made an impression in 1910, but with a touch of modernization.

Designers are reviving the centuries-old art deco and are working on updating it.

The concept is to prove that everything in this world can be reimagined to instill hope within consumers.

Besides these logo design trends, there are more that will enter 2023 with us. These include but are not limited to sci-fi-inspired logos, mysticism, and mythology.

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